Tax Debt Negotiation

Tax Debt Relief and Outstanding Tax Returns

If you cannot pay your tax debts in full, we can help you to negotiate a payment solution with IRD. Our accountants have in-depth knowledge of case law and tax legislation. We will provide a detailed submission to Inland Revenue to ensure you will get the best result.

In a situation where your business is undergoing statutory demand or liquidation, we can help to drop the legal proceedings and negotiate the best outcome for your business. Our tax specialists have in-depth knowledge in tax legal process such as statutory demand, notice of claim and entry of judgement.

If you are currently undergoing bankruptcy procedures with IRD, we can also help you to avoid bankruptcy by negotiating a payment solution with IRD.

We can also help you to get back up on top of your tax returns, file all overdue tax returns and deal with failure to furnish cases.

It is in our best interest to assist you to maintain a strong long-term relationship with IRD.