Our Services​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  1. IRD Voluntary Disclosure
    Prepare and reconstruct financial accounts Submit Voluntary Disclosure (VD) Negotiate reduction of penalties
  2. Company Registration
    Provide advice on company tax Register company File annual companies office return
  3. Business Accounting
    Provide bookkeeping service Prepare tax returns and financial statements Provide monthly management reports
  4. Business Tax Training
    Xero training and consulting Start-ups trainings Basic Accounting and Tax training
  5. IRD Tax Debt Settlement
    File outstanding income tax returns Negotiate penalties and interest Apply for tax debt write off / reduction
  6. GST & Income Tax Return
    Prepare and file GST returns Prepare and file Income Tax returns Prepare financial forecasts
  7. Business Plan
    Prepare business plan Prepare financial forecasts
  8. AML / CFT Programme
    Prepare AML / CFT Programme Preppare AML / CFT Risk Assessment
  9. AML / CFT Audit
    AML Independent Audit Prepare AML Audit Report
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